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Q&A with East Ridge's Marcus Kelly

By Star Tribune staff reports, 07/25/11, 8:45AM CDT


Offensive lineman one of four captains for Raptors

East Ridge offensive lineman Marcus Kelly is one of four captains selected for the upcoming 2011 season. He talked briefly with staff writer Jim Paulsen.

What position do you play? I'm a guard. I alternate both sides, left and right. I've played some defense, but I prefer offense.

Why? Because you get to know where the ball is going and where the hole is supposed to be. The running backs run off of us. If we turn someone one way, the back goes the other way.

What is your favorite moment on the line: I love it when I pull through the line and catch a linebacker [not looking]. It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

Have you always been a lineman? Yes. Ever since I started playing, I've been so much bigger than everyone else.

Have you ever dreamed about carrying the ball and scoring touchdowns? Actually in junior high, football was split into heavyweights and lightweights. I got to play fullback and linebacker. I scored a couple of touchdowns. I don't brag about it, but it was fun.

What part of practice makes you cringe? Last year, during special teams stuff, everyone who wasn't [involved] had to do military pushups or bicycle kicks or things like that. I always tried to run onto the special teams.

What do you love about Friday nights? Just the excitement of getting ready for a game and feeling the rush of adrenaline.

Most memorable football moment: Last year, our first win ever was against Woodbury at their place. I played with all of those guys growing up. It was an awesome feeling.

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