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QUICK Q&A: Nick Anderson, Stillwater senior

By Star Tribune, 10/05/12, 5:52PM CDT


Nick Anderson

With quarterback Nate Ricci out, you came up big, rushing for more than 200 yards in the victory over Mounds View. Talk about that. The way I saw it, we were a run-and-gun team. With Nate out, the coaches told me I'd get more carries. It felt pretty good.

Did you prepare differently? I changed pregame meals. That might have helped. I had a cup of rice, oranges and wheat bread with Nutella.

What do you normally have? I usually get Subway.

How good did it feel to finally beat Mounds View? We've had some injuries this year, but that was no excuse. Everyone stepped up. It was exciting. If we got everybody healthy, we could be lethal.

You also play hockey in the fall Elite League. How do you handle playing two such physical sports? It's tough. Your body gets pretty beat up. But you just have to adjust. It's better than not playing either sport.

What is the toughest part? It's tough to make the switch mentally. Friday, you go from football to hockey. Monday, it's back to football.

Worse smelling locker room -- football or hockey? Probably hockey. The gloves are just a cesspool. I shower, but my hands still always smell pretty bad.

Game-winning goal or game-winning touchdown? Probably the goal. You can actually celebrate and go crazy. They don't like that in football.


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