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Eveleth-Gilbert Wins Against Aitkin 17-6

By Stat Boy Says, from Linguastat, 09/14/12, 7:00PM CDT


Eveleth-Gilbert snatches 7 point lead in 1st quarter, goes on for a win

Eveleth, September 14, 2012, 7:00 PM

Eveleth-Gilbert prevailed against Aitkin 17 to 6 at Eveleth-Gilbert High School in Eveleth on Friday. Eveleth-Gilbert tallied up 7 points to take the lead in the first quarter. Eveleth-Gilbert added 10 points in the second quarter and held on to its lead. The first half closed with Eveleth-Gilbert up 17 to 0. In the third quarter Aitkin did their best with 6 points but couldn't catch up enough. With both teams scoreless in the fourth quarter, Eveleth-Gilbert held on to its lead, and was the winner.

Aitkin ended the game with a record of 1-2.