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East Central Is Defeated By Aitkin 7-33

By Stat Boy Says, from Linguastat, 08/31/12, 7:00PM CDT


Aitkin secondary contributes for a victory

Finlayson, August 31, 2012, 7:00 PM

Aitkin got the better of East Central 33 to 7 at East Central High School in Finlayson on Friday. Aitkin chalked up 13 straight points to take the lead in the first quarter. Neither team scored in the second quarter so Aitkin retained their lead. The half ended with Aitkin up 13 to 0. In the third quarter Aitkin scored 14 points to keep in the lead. In the final quarter East Central outscored Aitkin 7 to 6 however Aitkin kept its lead, and won the game.

Aitkin's offensive effort contributed to the victory.

East Central's offense came up short.

This was the season's first game for both East Central and Aitkin.