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7-on-7 football at a glance: 'Basketball on grass'

07/21/2014, 8:51pm CDT
By Star Tribune

‘Basketball on grass’

‘Basketball on grass’

That’s how one coach described 7-on-7 summer football, a burgeoning fixture on the summer landscape across the metro area.

How the game is played: Seven players on each side, strictly passing. No lineman, no direct contact. Quarterbacks have four seconds to throw. Play starts on the 40-yard line, 20 yards for a first down. Intercepted passes change possession but cannot be returned for scores.

The stakes: Teams range from those emphasizing fun and training to others that wear helmets and take it more seriously. Most teams compete in metro-area leagues or weekend tournaments that wind down before fall season practice begins.

Winners: High school teams looking to sharpen their passing attacks and improve passing defense. Top players trying to impress college recruiters.

Potential concerns: In addition to added potential for injury, efforts to impress college recruiters can become overemphasized.


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